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Japanese Women Warriors

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Japanese housewives have long held the purse strings in Japanese households, controlling virtually all the finances and giving their husband a spending allowance as they saw fit. The men, however, were still the breadwinners and heads of household.

Japanese family dynamics have changed a great deal in recent years as women increasingly move into the workforce and up the ladder.

A survey this year by Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living children from elementary school fourth-graders to second year junior high school in the greater Tokyo area showed that 68.1 percent respected their mothers whereas only 62 percent respected their fathers.

What’s more, a survey by Shinsei Bank showed that women have been slowly decreasing the pocket money they dole out to their husbands.

Perhaps as a result of seeing both parents work, the Hakuhodo survey found that for the first time, the majority of children prioritize study over play: 58.1 percent prioritized study as opposed to 41.9 percent who prioritized play, and that most wanted to please their parents.

So much for older Japanese who lament their perceived decline in the youth work ethic…

Diana K. Rowland



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