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Bizarre and Beautiful Christmas Customs in Japan

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Although less than 1% of Japanese are Christian, Japan has an odd combination of beautiful and bizarre Christmas customs.

Why wait? Attend your own funeral now!

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Korean funeral fad

Want to feel alive? Korea has just the thing for you: first die…


Don't Stand Out, Stand In! What Learning to Skydive in Japan Taught me about Japanese Business

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Skydivers everywhere have a strong sense of camaraderie, much like firefighters and others who put their lives in each other hands. The bond creates a sense of insiders to the sport – jumpers, and outsiders – everyone else. Japan is no different, except...

China's Car Eating Buses

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China is notorious for traffic jams and pollution, with no solution in sight.  That is until TEB (transit-elevated bus) is launched. Well, maybe.

Don't Sit THERE! What Learning to Skydive in Japan Taught me about Japanese Business

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Night skydiving world record

Lessons from a Trouper. Cultural values are reflected throughout societal norms in every country. This means you can find lessons that apply to business in other practices if you delve deeply enough…

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